Saturday, April 2, 2011

Boys & Basketball

So today #11 seed VCU went against #8 seed Butler with Butler taking the win 70-62. Damn shame cuz i was rootin for the hometown heroes. Bartending for that championship game was hopin for that hometown money. Oh well did awesome today.....I swear basketball, no COLLEGE basketball brings out all types....Single dads who got the kids for the weekend and aint lettin that stop the party, to lil old die hard alum, they have got to be the worst. Old, impatient, and entitled. My 3 least characteristics in a person, with old toppin the list!! But seriously i do enjoy big sporting events at work....its the only time my black ass can be as loud as i want with no one looking at me funny. I love being busy in my zone!!!! #Grindin is what i do and i love nothing more!!! Me in my BLACKnGOLD!! 

Now onto these men....lordy!!!! Phone rings 7am this morn and its him, Jay...dieing to reclaim his position in my life. He's so cute, we talked awhile ago for a lil while but he wasnt in a position to be the man i needed so we went our separate ways. Now he's comin up in the world, owns property, car in his name, and a lil money in his pocket and im thinking bout giving him a shot. But now I have no time...i am determined to make myself known this year and as much as i wanna finally let love in and give it a chance, i just cant afford to. Dilemmas!! And meanwhile Im still pining after my highschool sweetheart, Darnell. Who for the life of him will not let me go, we been going back and forth for 9 years and r stuck in limbo right now, he too doesnt wanna b what i need him to be. Notice Im saying need and not want, I need a decent, hardworking, sensitive man. I do not want just anything, my Nana told me a long time ago, You've got to be specific when asking God to send u someone, u cant just ask for a man, cuz thats what he'll send just a man, and i need so much more!! But thats not it, still tryna start something new with Chris!!! What ima do is fall back, take some time out for myself, get this money, stay on my grind and in due time, he i will find!!!

Nite Luvies

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