Friday, April 1, 2011

....and this was just today

First day of this blogging nonsense.....bear with me please!!! As I roll my third blunt of the day im reliving my day all over again....wishing for tomorrow to come and go. Today was a good money day, 2 bills...I"ll take that. By the way I'm a bartender dreaming to be ur next XXL Eye Candy of the Month. But i definitely saw my fair share of characters today...not only was it April Fools was bring ur mistress to Bdubs day. Had to bear thru that all day. Dudes I see on the regular with their wives and girlfriends came into today booed up with women I've never seen. HMMmmm!!!Aint none of my business, just tip me right and I see no evil....

Today i also started some type of diet....not really sure what my plan is, i just wanna b skinnier....damn phone keeps reminding me to drink water...I'm no damn camel...fall back!!! Was doing so good...didnt eat any wings today which was harder than u think...I'M BLACK!!! But my second meal of the day after breakfast was that damn buffet.....dont know why i did that to myself....2 plates and 3 cups of strawberry ice cream, I already feel defeated!! Aint gonna let nothing get in my way this time. Its only 15 pounds....I can do it right??? did just buya shit of Keebler cookies, probably wasnt my best idea, huh? Raw veggies, fruits and water will be my diet for the next 2 months. The cookies will still b there. The opprotunity to be in every mans thoughts, not so much!!!

U should probably follow me on twitter....ima about to make it big!! @Hellokitty0973 i follow back.
( Y is Wesley Snipes always fucking some Becky in his movies??)

On a lighter note, I have to keep reminding people I am not that bitch who bites her tongue or cares enough about u and what u think not to tell u exactly whats on my mind. GOD gave us all this beautiful thing called free will and with that came along the right to say whatever I like!! If u dont like it......tough shit, dont look my way. Less people I have to talk to everyday.

Nite yall....until tomorrow

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