Saturday, April 2, 2011

TV.....and why I'd rather drink bleach

Waking up to the sound of a baseball cracking on the side of a bat. too early for my blood...11:31am and I need to be grinding in less than 3 hours!!! Ugh!!!! The life of a bitch tryna do it for herself!! Speaking of ladies doing it for themselves....kinda tired of turning on the TV watching grown ass woman or little girls, who wanna b so much older so much faster than they need to be, getting where they going by stepping on the backs of hard working men. Im all for the old addage "It aint tricking if u got it" But why would u wanna sell urself short and boo its always tricking and here in 2011 its becoming less and less attractive. Men are no longer as stupid as we wish they were.They see exactly what ur doing and theyre playin along....because if u gone let him disrespect u and fuck u when he wanna and all he gotta do is buy u a bag or get ya damn nails done, hell that aint nothing compared to the work he gone have to put in for someone like me. So he'll take the easy route right now, but you'll bore him, u always do. He'll soon realize Keisha and Toya r not where its at and if he wants a healthy successful relationship with another adult he might just have to work a lil harder.

Speaking of Keisha and Toya, who r they u ask. Well Keishas that bitch they casted for Bad Girls Club....all untradined about her shit, just in the streets with respecst for herself or hows shes going about doing things. She fighting, hollerin, smokn mad blunts(with no job of course, living off Tyrone). She got that bad ass lace front, nails done every week, meanwhile her children look like shit and run wild like hooligans. Now Toya is her cuzzin, she aint really no better but she been in the game a lil longer so shes knows a few things. She acts like she has a lil more class, but trusdt she's just as hood. You'll usually find Toya on Basketball Wives or Love & Hip Hop. She mananged to trick someone into believing she  had it, was the one they were lookin for. Nope she tryna trick u off too....

Speaking of Basketball Wives and shows like it....r u fucking serious!?? Love & Hip Hop has to be the worst. These women have no ties to these men, hell Chrissy been wit Jim 6 years, no kids, no rings, bitch name aint even on a bank account!! WTF r u doing ma??? Fab's girl whos names not even important enough to remember, gets no recognition, this nigga had as baby with the broad and still wont acknowledge her or her son, u get paid to be his stylist, they aint no damn child support!! 8 years and that bitch still holdin it. Get a clue mama!!! Olivia....I thought she was a dude, did that not come out like years ago!? So i asint waste my time on her. Somayas....good ole Somaya, as much as i dont fuxx wit her, at least the bitch working....doing things for herself. No nigga in her life, just that sick as body. "Use what u got, to get what u want"  I know thats right!!

I think my problem is i cant get with the reality tv thing....i would seriously rather drink bleach......and I HATE BLEACH!!! Im out in here in the "real world" tryna do shit meanwhile yall on tv scripted like a bitch teasing me like a bitch with a shit i cant have no time soon. Ima get it.....just in my own time. My fav shows deal with shit that hasppen right in ur backyard asnd ur ass aint payin attention. CSI, Law & Order, Criminal Minds......yall better get with it, the world we live in is crazy ans niggas out here tryna shank u. Watch cha back,.....on that note... IM OUT!!!!

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