Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You Can't Sit With Us!!!

"...... You speak to me in words and I look at you with feelings" I remember growing up and being taught that girls were evil for no reason. And we are, just evil little bitches. We take joy in someone's else's pain, love to dish it out ourselves. We still haven't learned to coexist with each other. 

But in this day in age when free love is so prominent and everyone is with exactly who they wanna be, why are we still being so damn mean to each other? I am new to this lifestyle, I hate that word. It's not a lifestyle it's who we are!!! Stop calling it a lifestyle!!! But I'd like a little guidance, a fairy gay mother if you will. 

The first time I find someone I could be with, learn this life with, grow a little more with. She turns out to b the biggest asshole ever and for no reason at all. Did I not handle myself correctly? Did I show too much interest, did I make the mistake of appearing to be interested? Did I get a lil jealous at times, answer me this, how is any of this wrong? Clearly you were such an amazing person that I just needed to learn and know u better. I made the mistake of liking her, of putting my heart and feelings on the line and getting myself played. The discouragement is enough to make you go back to what you previously knew. But ladies I won't let 1 asshole spoil me for the rest of you. Wish things were different tho. 
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